a Halo for a​.​.​.​.​.

by Twin Ghost Dog Howl

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All loop songs recorded via phone while on mold avoidance in the Mojave desert//prayers, songs, medicines.. I came to the desert by doctors' orders after ten years of late stage lyme disease I develloped severe black mold infection and was left with very little immune system, I came out to the desert to detox/the desert is quite literally my home and my medicine.... I am able to go inside very few places without a respirator mask...after living for months in a van I was blessed to find a house I dont react to, that I don't have to wear a mask in.....I am still very very sick....music is medicine for me literally and has been for some time but now more than ever....all love and kindness/blesssings


released November 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Twin Ghost Dog Howl Joshua Tree, California

a young wolf looking for medicine// talks to spirits
Lets build a honeycomb
for homeless 3rd eyes

thanks for listening sound waves as ice cream
i am your friend

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Track Name: what about the frequency of a baby crow wolf?
what about the frequency of a baby crow wolf? : im lit up like desert skies//i fall in love with geminis//i roll the dice// i cobweb like half girl mermaid christ//silent scripture cant get erased but i talk too much i shed skin like snakes...
Track Name: Shaman make it EZ
sad as the needle that broke your back//heavy as heartbeat fragile never wept a moonbeam//wild as empty//trip sea skirt, skull head bleach, skull from my past life around my dog breath, dont hang yrself today! take your suicide rope to a friends house!===anyway i can live and be free===shaman make it EZ
Track Name: Love u most//Kill u best
i love you the more that i kill you the best cos i love you the most, i kill you the best.....oh well, a well,,,,push me pull me down
Track Name: If jesus was a wolf (id howl/id fuck in the snow)
kill the king of them, count to ten and then, i want wild peace, took my mouth to it, wander on a grave, hang-glide off the sea, ask me to be saved, shape-shift into me...if jesus was a wolf id howl and fuck in the snow id have the longest hair id walk on water there to see you "all these beautiful people surrounded by all this evil" kill the king of them, i want wild peace
Track Name: Grandpa (little mental skies)
do as you say not the clock, how many hands can you lay in the sun?
paper cuts for lightning bolts stay split in god head for revolt, baby calves and ill make good mulch, 3rd eyes for their hypnotides otherwise im never the right size the desert for a blanket so i dont follow in grandpas' suicide but it hurts so bad in little mental skies..but it hurts so bad in little mental skies
Track Name: 1 hour on Mars
orchestra of trees and plants in you today 1 hour on mars i wish i could i tried to stick my tongue in voodoo gangster get swelled up in the face faint in the desert and wake with too many arms and legs to count..i miss the way you color concrete ground//orchestra of trees and plants in you today